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Buy youtube likes

Опубликовано: 16.02.2020

Getting started with the services considered today will not be a difficult task for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the cheat services on social networks. To register in the ECIR and Top4SMM systems, you only need to provide your email address, as well as come up with a login with a password for the created account. After filling in all the registration fields, you will be able to create a personal account on the platforms and proceed to cheating, as they say, buy youtube likes . Obviously, for the first criterion we will give points to both resources.

2. Platform usability

The use of the analyzed systems is arranged at the highest level. ECIR and Top4SMM sites are executed very efficiently, the entire logic of the order is thought out so much that even those who have never dealt with such services before will be able to figure out the tricks of buying wrapping services. Therefore, we can call the usability of both platforms high-quality and friendly for all users. This gives us the right to reward both comparing resources with points.

3. System functionality

For this criterion, to award points with both ECIR and Top4SMM will fail. The whole reason for their very noticeable difference in functionality. Top4SMM offers its customers a very limited range of products - only for promotion on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The functionality of ECIR is several times wider. Here you can find services that help to promote accounts not only in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte), but also in instant messengers (Telegram), music services (SoundCloud, Spotify, Shazam) and other resources (YouTube, Tumblr). For such a wide range of ECIR and gets another point.

4. Product Quality

And again, equality between the compared services is not observed. A warning has been published on the Top4SMM website for users stating that some services may be performed late or poorly due to problems with the platform servers. ECIR has no similar problem. All products presented in this system help to carry out high-quality and effective wrapping. It seems that you already understood that the next point in the current comparison will go to the ECIR piggy bank again.

5. Cost of services

In our review, there was a sharp turn of 180 degrees. Now the initiative was seized by Top4SMM. He succeeded because of a lower cost for goods similar to ECIR services. If for you the question of an acceptable price is very important, then you know which service you need to give your preference to for wrapping up. Well, for now, we give one point to Top4SMM.